Got A Photography Question?

For me, one of the joys of writing a blog, or teaching a workshop, is the opportunity to pass on knowledge that I’ve gained from 40 years in the field, as well as learn from others and make new friends.

There are some aspects of photography that I do not consider my area of expertise. I think of people like Bob Boyer (, who is a true expert in photographic lighting, post-processing and the technical aspects of photography (aside from being an Aperture guru). His expertise on Aperture (and Photoshop) draws thousands of fans every month to his blog site. So, I rely on Bob, for example, and will sometimes refer a blog reader’s question to him for a response.

But, I think I have enough knowledge about nature, wildlife and landscape photography, as well as diverse experiences in the field, to answer your questions. So, fire away! If I’m not sure of the answer, I’ll ask a colleague to guest answer and/or also throw open the question to readers for their solutions. Go ahead; ask a question. Get the discussions going. I dare you!

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