Les Chosen As ScotteVest Photography Columnist

To my blog readers:

I’m excited to announce that I was just chosen to be the new photography columnist for ScotteVest.

If you haven’t seen their Internet presence yet, you probably are not an outdoorsy-type, since they advertise heavily online. ScotteVest manufactures some of the finest travel and outdoor clothing I have ever had the joy of owning. Their claim to fame is the number of pockets built into their clothing and their durable construction. In fact, it was my use of their product that drew us together (http://blog.lesterpickerphoto.com/2010/09/19/invest-in-evest-scottevest-that-is/).

I have used ScotteVest products for quite a while now and have been impressed with their design and construction. For the photographer, their clothing has just about everything we could want, especially POCKETS… tons and tons of pockets in which to place all the accessories we carry around.

In any event, I’m proud to be associated with this fine product and its founder, Scott Jordan. Visit my column on their site and then be sure to browse their product line (http://www.scottevest.com/company/photography.shtml).

I would also love to hear from you about your candid experiences with ScotteVest products as a traveler and as a photographer.

Happy travels! Happy shooting!


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