New Zealand Images Posted & On Sale

I just posted selected ¬†images on ¬†my website from my recent trip to New Zealand. They join the images I recently posted from Australia. Please head over to my image website by clicking on the “Lester Picker Photography” black box at the top right of this page (or top left).

You’ll notice that I rendered many of the new images in B&W. I love B&W photography, but my hand was forced in this case by the horrible weather we encountered. It either rained or the skies were gray much of the time. While that is disappointing on the color side, it is a gift for B&W enthusiasts.

I hope you enjoy the images. As always I welcome your comments and critique.

For the entire month of January, all Australia and New Zealand images are on sale at 25% off. Simply add the code “January Sale” into the appropriate box when you check out and the discount will be automatically applied. We use ultra-secure PayPal payment services and we normally ship within 48 hours. However, each image is custom printed and must have adequate drying time, so please be patient.

I’ll soon be posting selected images from Fiji and New Caledonia. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your support and purchases in 2010.

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