Photography Resolutions 2011.1

Trumpets, please! Now some fanfare…. and roll the drums. It’s my annual New Year’s Photo Resolutions, Version 2011.1 (meaning they will undoubtedly change as the year progresses). Here are my major goals.

A Stitch In Time

This year I plan to get into panoramas, which some of my clients are demanding. I already have a terrific tripod (Gitzo 3541) and ball head (Really Right Stuff BH-55), so with that solid base I’m going to add panoramas to my repertoire.

That means I will have to find, learn and then use a stitching program for panoramas. That also means I’ll have to actually shoot some panoramas. Not sure whether or not I’ll need a nodal attachment for my ball head, but I’d welcome your opinions on this. What stitching software do you use? Do you find you need a special nodal adapter to get professional looking results?

Macro Managing

This year I’d finally like to do more macro photography, something I really enjoy but just can’t seem to get around to doing very much. I travel a lot on assignment and it’s impossible for me to shlep a macro lens and macro attachments for my tripod, along with an appropriate lighting setup. I find I need a dedicated photo trip with just macro in mind and that’s difficult to carve out of my day. But, this year…

Stage a Gallery Show

If you know of a good, tasteful art gallery that welcomes nature/landscape photography exhibitions, please let me know. I’m in the market for a major show.

Buy a D3x (or other 20+ megapixel Nikon camera)

I need a big megapixel count since I make very large prints. I’ve waited long enough. Nikon graciously sent me a D3x to test. I liked it… a lot, but not enough to shell out $7,500 for a heavy monster with quirks. I may buy one when the price drops, or continue to wait until spring to see what new releases Nikon has in store for 2011.

Complete an e-Book

I’m working hard on developing an exciting e-Book for photographers. Once I get some shots that I need, I’ll go into the final stretch. My goal is to have it ready in May. We’ll see.

Now, what are your photo goals for 2011? Willing to share?

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