The Creative Window

Every so often I get asked about my creative process; how do I go about visioning a scene? How do I ‘work’ an image once it’s in my computer? How do I create photographic displays that are unique for every client?

Well, the burnish is now off the image of the professional photographer, namely my image. Bob Boyer, my friend and very able assistant, has documented one step in the creative process that we are currently involved in. I could explain it here, but I’ll let Bob do the talking. Suffice it to say that the behind-the-scenes work ain’t pretty. It’s sort of like getting a look at how sausage is made and should go far to remove the luster of the nature photographer out there in the wilderness! Hey, we do have families to feed!

Just follow this link to Bob’s post:

BTW, I’ll follow the progress of this installation on this blog so you’ll be able to see it develop and see what the final installation looks like.


PS: we just got hit by another snowstorm. Hope you’re all keeping warm!

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