Spot On! (It Works Now...)

Okay, I think I figured out the way for you to follow my “tracks” in the Yukon, all the way up to the Arctic Circle and beyond.

Click on this URL and it should take you to a Google map. Make sure to switch to “Terrain” view on the right side of the map, if it is not already there when the site opens.

This was Day 1, a leisurely drive southward toward Skagway, Alaska. The day was a photographic bust, since it actually rained (rather than snowed). But, from the Terrain map you’ll get an idea of the grandeur of the Yukon topography. Yukon Quest Trip-Day 1 - Photography trip - SpotAdventures.

I did get a slightly good shot from the highway, when the rain let up for a few minutes. By the time I got my photo stuff set up the best light had already faded. But, it gives you an idea.

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