As Robert Burns so ably said: “The best laid plans o’ mice of men, gang aft agley.” Or, as my dear mother used to say: ”Man plans and God laughs.”

So, my trip up the Dempster Highway to the Arctic Circle to photograph the Porcupine caribou herd is now up in smoke. More accurately it is down in snowflakes, as in a blizzard with 90 km/hour winds and whiteout conditions that was expected to last for days. Two winter storms converged right over the Arctic Circle in Yukon territory, making the only road in and out impassable.

I’m bummed; 3,500 miles and nothing to show for it in terms of wildlife photography. But I did finally get to see the Yukon Quest dogsled race, which was phenomenal (see previous post:http://blog.lesterpickerphoto.com/2011/02/09/the-yukon-quest-begins/), so the trip was not a total loss. And I love Yukoners and the very unique characters that they are, so many a night was spent over some good beer and even better company.

Before I left I did make tentative plans to go back next March, both to capture images of caribou and to improve my chances of Northern Lights images. But for now, sad to say, it’s the end of my Yukon winter adventure, although I’m slated to return late this summer (for Yukon Fall images) with a group of friends. Yukon in summer is a different animal entirely, but one I enjoy every bit as much. Stay tuned.

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