Free Photo Update

For those of you waiting to hear who won our free photo giveaway, here’s an update… no one!… at least not yet. Turns out that unscrupulous people use ‘robot’ programs to register on websites, so the first 2 entrants that we randomly picked do not actually exist. Each time we pick a name we have to contact the address, give them 72 hours to respond, wait an extra day for good measure and then try again. Today we’ll be picking another registrant name for a large 12” x 18”, signed print on archival paper. Hopefully that will be a real, live human. So, stay tuned.

In any event, if you haven’t already done so, please be sure to register on my site by hitting any of the registration boxes you’ll see on nearly every page. We do not sell or otherwise use your contact info in any way. Once you register you’ll be eligible for free prints, special sales and discounts.

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