Through The Eyes of Daniel Stainer

Life is a rich stew of pain, pleasures, new discoveries and chance meetings. I’m waxing philosophical here because of my Internet friendship with James Winters, a professional musician and amateur photographer, who comments frequently here on my blog site. I’ve written about James’ heart-felt photography before (

In a recent post on the Nikonians website, Jim credited me and another photographer with inspiring him to think more seriously about his gift. Sure enough, a day later this other photographer sent me a blog comment and so, curiously, I visited his website to check him out.

Wow! Was all I could say for the first ten minutes or so, as my eyes and brain were treated to some of the most evocative images I have ever seen. This young man (well, young to me, anyway) has that rare combination of a good eye… no, a great eye and the technical skills to match.

His name is Daniel Stainer and he lives in western Pennsylvania near some outstanding natural areas that he brings to life in his images. I’m not sure which of his images I like more, his black and whites or color, nature or people, because all are spectacular. He is a semi-pro shooter who is, quite frankly, in my opinion, wasting his time doing anything else but devoting himself full-time to helping the rest of us see the world through his acute and sensitive eyes. Then again, I know full well the need to provide for a family (he is married and co-raising 3 children). But I also know the pain of not being able to do what you love when the muse visits. So, I want to also acknowledge Daniel’s sacrifice for those he loves.

Please treat yourself to a visit to Daniel’s site ( and see if you agree with me. As always, I welcome your comments here.

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