Lessons Learned

My assistant, Bob, and I took a break from the humdrum today and went out to the local state park to try out some metering techniques for my newest piece of equipment; a large format camera.

Me, I was dressed appropriately, being a landscape/wildlife photographer. We were going to a stream, so I wore boots with non-slip soles, rugged shirt and pants, and lots of insect repellent, etc. Bob is a consummate indoor fashion photographer. What does he know from traipsing in the woods? He had come from someplace else and was dressed in a white shirt, nice pants and flip-flops. Flip-flops! I mentioned something to him about it, but…

We walked down the embankment on a well-worn path. I stepped out onto a slippery rock in the stream and Bob was one step behind me when I heard a whoosh, thud, bone crunching on rock and a moan. Bob had slipped on the muddy rock and was down for the count.

White shirt no more, pants the color of muck, bloody hand and a big hurt all over his body. Can’t wait to hear how he feels when he gets up in the morning. We have a photo shoot of our most recent photo installation scheduled for tomorrow. We’ll see. I just hope he’s okay.

I admit to feelings of guilt over this incident. With my outdoor experience I should have warned Bob away from that spot. As the saying goes, foresight is better than hindsight by a darned sight!

Moral of the story: screw fashion, convention, and comfort. If you’re outside photographing and don’t look at least somewhat geeky, you’re not really a serious photographer… a serious outdoor photographer.  ‘Nuf said.

UPDATE: Bob is fine… sore and bruised, but he is back to work and as ornery as ever.

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