Think Your Equipment is Safe? Think Again!

As the summer travel season heats up, there has recently been a lot of discussion on safety issues when traveling abroad. Some commentary focuses on personal (bodily) safety and other on property safety. I recently pointed my readers to an article ( by one of my colleagues at concerning keeping your equipment safe while traveling.

As it turns out, I was asked to do a companion piece on equipment travel safety from my own personal experiences as a travel photojournalist for the blog site of Darwin Wiggett. For those of you who follow my blog, you know that I am an admirer of Darwin’s work. Darwin is a Canadian landscape photographer with a singular vision of our natural world.

So, if you’d like my take on how to keep your photo equipment safe while traveling, visit Darwin’s blog here:

And, while you’re at it, grab a cup of java and spend some quality time enjoying Darwin’s art. You’ll thank me for it!

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