Zero Tolerance Cancellation

I have to run this one by you all. I recently tried to make reservations at a pricey B&B in Brookline, Massachusetts. It seems like a very nice, comfortable B&B, judging by their website. I’ll be visiting my stepson, daughter-in-law and newest grandson and the B&B looked pretty convenient. After giving the very pleasant woman my credit card info, I was ready to hang up, when she asked if I knew their cancellation policy. Well, no, I guess I didn’t.

“We have a 14-day cancellation policy, for any reason,” she tells me. Silence on both ends.

“What, exactly, does that mean?” I finally asked.

“If you don’t cancel before the 14-day period, we will charge your credit card for the full amount.”

“You mean for both days?” I asked, incredulous. This B&B does not sport Motel 6 prices, BTW.

“So, even if there is a medical emergency,” I continue, “I would lose all my money?”

“I’m sorry, but I’m afraid so.”  At which point I cancelled the transaction.

Now, I’d love your opinion on this. Am I being unreasonable here?  I’ve been a travel photojournalist for twenty years and I’ve never run into this before. Is this an emerging trend? Is this a put-your-customer-first policy? Please, weigh in.

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