Yukon Bound... Again

Tomorrow I leave again for Canada’s Yukon Territory, my second trip up there this year. When I visited in February the temperature was minus 40F, so I’m in hopes that this trip will be a bit warmer.

Those of you who read my blog know that I have a love affair with the Yukon, with its abundance of wildlife, mind-blowing scenics and friendly people. With a land mass 20% larger than California’s, the Yukon has 30,000 residents, compared to California’s 33,000,000. Since 24,000 of Yukon’s residents live in the capital city of Whitehorse, that leaves 6,000 people to share the land with 30,000 bear, 60,000 moose and hundreds of thousands of caribou and elk.

On this trip I’ll be trying a new high-tech solution. If you want to follow my travels on a map, I will be sending my “tracks” to a SPOT GPS device. On my first blog from the Yukon on Saturday, Aug 13, I’ll leave a direct link embedded in the blog. You simply click on that and a map will open up showing you where I am in real time. Pretty nifty, eh? Plus, on the upper right hand side of the map, you can change the view from road, to terrain to satellite, allowing you to see the contours of the land.

I’ll also be posting some short, 1-minute videos at various locales, including on a 3-day Grizzly bear photo shoot near the end of the month. So, stay tuned and visit here often during the trip.

Have a wonderful remainder of the summer.


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