Highlights, Lowlights and Projections

Well, the first part of my Yukon adventure is over, after spending 10 days with five of my closest men friends to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our first meeting. You may have noticed that my GPS is turned off. That’s because the past 48 hours we have been in and around Whitehorse. I will turn it back on tomorrow, as you’ll see below.


There were too many highlights of the RV-ing adventure for me to mention all of them. Of course there were the grizzly and caribou sightings, and the always enjoyable scenery. But the two funniest incidents that stand out for me happened to the same person, who shall remain nameless in the interest of protecting his identity and our friendship.

It seems like this particular man was bitten by the fishing bug while we were on our trip. One morning he awoke at 6:00 AM to fish. Sick of hearing me always remind him, he remembered to take a can of bear spray with him. The only problem was that someone else had put the safety clip on upside down. So, when this unfortunate man bent down to tie his shoes, the can released a goodly spray of bear repellent into his trousers.

Now, the thing about bear repellent is that it is made of the highest concentration of pepper spray imaginable, enough to stop a full-grown grizzly in its tracks. The… ummm… part of this man’s anatomy immediately adjacent to his pocket was thusly affected greatly by the pepper spray. In the pandemonium that followed, this guy dropped his trousers, bear spray and all, faster than Superman and ran full speed into the nearest stream, bears be damned. It might have taken the annual flow of the mighty Yukon River to quiet the burning and there were unconfirmed reports of massive fish kills downstream. But, all’s well that ends well, although we won’t know until he arrives home to his wife what the final outcome will be, poor guy. And, needless to say, I cannot mention in this blog what this man’s new nickname is now.

Once Is Not Enough

Okay, segue now to about five days later, as we paddled down the Yukon River in our canoes. With this man and his fishing buddy in the rear canoe, we all heard a cry and a whoosh and soon they both were experiencing the famed river’s hypothermic embrace. Of course, once rescued we had to get these men to a warm, comfortable place. Funny thing about that.

Memorable highlights, agreed? By time you read this my friends will all have left Yukon Territory for the Sta


Probably the lowest point in our adventure was when the water-line plumbing in one of our RVs broke, making it impossible for those three men to shower, cook, wash dishes or use the bathroom for the rest of the trip, a major inconvenience if there ever was one, since the other RV had to pick up the slack. When we got back, the RV owner agreed that it was a design flaw and that he had personally complained to the manufacturer more than once. Yet he still charged us for the repair, with no credit for the inconvenience. When I told him that we felt that was unfair, he responded a week later with a 1,205-word rant about how HE felt unfairly treated! And that was after he and his wife were paid more than $6,500! Go figure.

My suggestion is that you rent from one of the larger and more reputable RV places like Fraserway or Canadream or Cruise Canada. I’ll have more to say about traveling with an RV in a later blog.


Tomorrow I’m off with my good photo buddy, Richard Hartmier, as we travel to Haines, Alaska to photograph grizzlies feeding on the annual salmon run. Man, am I excited about that shoot! Then we come back to Yukon for some Northern Lights images and scenics. I’ll have my GPS on, so you can visit my site to follow my trip live right HERE.

Until then, wishing you all good travels. And don’t worry, I’ll have my bear spray with me!!?

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