On the Road Again

We left Whitehorse, Yukon this morning under bright, sunny skies and were granted a glorious day driving the 8 hours to Dawson City, Yukon, the Gateway to the North. Of course, we stopped several times along the way for photographs. Fall is in full swing up north.

You can trace our route and stopping points on my SPOT interactive mapping site. For those of you who are curious, here is my SPOT GPS device standing on the dashboard. It sends out a signal about every 10 minutes to a satellite which, in turn, relays it to a website you can visit. It also has an emergency SOS button that allows rescue squads to precisely locate me .

Once in Whitehorse I got to meet several of Richard’s friends and colleagues, especially an incredible artist in Dawson City named Romy Jansen. For years I’ve admired her fine art of aboriginal scenes and once even offered to buy one of her paintings from a restaurant in Whitehorse. I had no idea who she was but, as it turns out, she is a good friend of Richard Hartmier (my photo colleague).

Romy runs Wild & Wooly, an eclectic and classy women’s boutique in Dawson. As if those two skills weren’t enough, Romy is also a truly excellent wildlife and landscape photographer, selling her work on gift cards in her store.

Tonight we were hoping to get some Northern Lights to photograph, but the major prediction websites give us little (actually, zero) hope. So, instead we’ll crash early tonight and get an early start up the Dempster Highway, so we can photograph a family of beavers just after sunrise and then focus on landscape shots for the rest of the day. After a short evening nap, we plan to shoot Northern Lights at the Arctic Circle tomorrow night starting at midnight, but that depends on factors beyond our control. But how can one complain when we passed scenic after glorious scenic, like this panorama I did of Gravel Lake along the way today.

Over the next few days we also hope to get some images of grizzlies and caribou. Please send out good vibrations for good lights and good images… thanks.

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