Fun & Games At ScotteVest

I just received word about an interesting contest from my colleague, Scott Jordan, the CEO of ScotteVest, an outdoor clothing company based in Colorado. If you are a regular reader of my blog you know that I am the photography columnist for the ScotteVest website (you can find my columns here), although I’d been using their fine clothing long before I began writing/photography for them. I find their clothing line to be perfect for photographers, with scads of pockets to store virtually every gadget we typically use. In fact, in my recent blog on my bear encounter in the Yukon, you can see that I was wearing my “uniform,” a ScotteVest Fleece 5.0 jacket.

SeV is offering a $10,000 Trip of Your Life contest that will send the lucky winner on their dream vacation, all decked out in the latest, greatest SeV clothing, of course!

Full details can be found here. If you are the creative sort, this contest sounds like lots of fun and just might be your cup of tea (in India or China, for example).

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