Mourning a Loss

I was in the midst of writing a blog when I learned of the death of Steve Jobs just a few minutes ago. I am truly saddened by the loss of this icon of our generation.

As a disclaimer, our business is a wholly Apple technology enterprise. We have Apple desktop computers, laptops, iPods, iPads and soon to be the newest iPhone 4S. My incredibly talented associate, Bob, is nothing short of an Apple expert and I know he will particularly mourn the passing of this man.

Steve Jobs was a visionary responsible for creating a business from scratch that employed tens of thousands of people. His techno products fueled an entire industry of businesses that sold his wares so that, by extension, he indirectly created tens of thousands of additional jobs and new wealth. Above all, his inventions were fun to use and made us more productive.

But, what I think distinguished Jobs was his vision of what technology could be. His products were elegant. They worked. His meticulous attention to detail gave us time savers like the iPod Touch, a device I simply could not be without. Now with the advent of the new iPhone 4S, we are standing on the doorstep of StarTrek’s communicator and HAL 9000 rolled into one.

I hope that others will take up Jobs’ mantle and continue his legacy. I, for one, am depending on it. In any case, we’ll miss you, Steve.

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