Let’s face it, we all get a lot of junk in our email box every day. Ninety percent I delete without ever opening them. I especially hate it when someone sends me time-wasting videos. Eight minutes into some stupid video I still don’t know what the point of the damned thing is.

That’s why I was dubious when I received a video from one of my colleagues with a note urging me to watch it. But I trust this guy, so I clicked on the link. I was immediately enthralled. That’s why I urge you to do the same. Spend 3 minutes and 30 seconds for a real treat.

Without giving this away, what you will be watching is a video of a string of time lapse images of various iconic landscapes, some spanning the night, others the daylight. What first caught my eye were the images themselves, all of them expertly captured. Halfway into the video, though, I  began to appreciate the absolutely Herculean task the photographer, Dustin Farrell, had accomplished. There have got to be at least 10,000 images that comprise this video!

After you watch it, take a moment to read his brief description of how he managed to capture them. Incredible!


Landscapes by Dustin Farrell

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