Off to PhotoPlus

Tomorrow Bob (my assistant) and I are off to NYC for PhotoPlus, a 2-day photography convention. The Jacob Javits Conference Center will feature camera and equipment exhibitors from around the world.

Our main purpose for going is to spend time interacting with the Hasselblad people, since I’m still on the learning curve with my new H4D-50 camera and lenses. I have so far found the technicians and the sales people to be incredibly helpful and highly knowledgeable. I’m looking forward to some workshops and discussions with staff and hope to learn a few tips and techniques myself. I’ll also soon be highlighting some images I have taken with my new Hassy. All I can say is that I’m loving its capabilities and results.

I’ll also be visiting my old workhorse, Nikon. I’ve used Nikon equipment exclusively since 1969, when I bought my first Nikon F while I was a cub newspaper reporter/photographer/coffee boy. I’m now a proud member of Nikon Photographic Services, which qualifies me for a free sensor cleaning at tomorrow’s show (whoopee!). I’m also eager to see what Nikon has in store for us professionals in the coming year, but I suspect that, as always, they will be mum on that issue. A high end Nikon to replace the industry-leading D3x is long overdue and the subject of daily rumors regarding its replacement. I’m eager to get that new little toy before my trip to Africa in January.

We’ll also visit some of the accessory suppliers that we use that will be exhibiting at the show, as well as sitting in on workshops where we’ll hopefully get some ideas to enhance our business.

I’ll report anything interesting I find at the PhotoPlus convention, so stay tuned.

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