Vermont Visit

I was visiting my daughter and 3 grandchildren in Vermont’s Northern Kingdom this past week. The weather was atrocious, not for the cold, but for the fact that an unusually warm couple of days produced rain instead of snow and washed all the snow from the trees. Man, was I bummed! There went my pre-visualization of a snowy stream.

On my last day I had aborted a trek to a beaver pond when I stepped into a marsh and broke through the ice, filling my boot with ice-cold water and marsh muck (hey, it happens!). One thing I learned from teaching winter survival in Maine is not to play loose with winter conditions. I hiked back to my car, thankful for my ScotteVest alpaca wool socks, which kept me warm.

On the drive out of the preservation area I passed this creek and stopped to take a shot. It was late in the day, the sun was fading fast, so I took a few snaps and left. In 2012, at your requests, I will be including more shooting info, as appropriate. Here goes:

Hasselblad H4D-50, 50-110mm lens @ 110mm, 5.0 seconds @ f/22, ISO 50, Gitzo tripod 3541, Really Right Stuff BH-55 head. In post-processing I toned down the highlights just a tad on the right side of the frame.

Comments welcome.

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