On the Road Again

This weekend I leave for a week-long assignment in Finland. I’ll mostly be in Lapland, but I’ll also have a couple of days in Helsinki, too. Despite winter temps around -15F in Lapland, I’m really looking forward to this trip. Crazy as it is, I love the frigid far north in winter. Its ethereal beauty is hard to explain and if you’re not into extreme cold it’s even harder to understand.

One of the things I have planned is a two-day dogsled safari. For those of you who have followed my Yukon adventures, you know I love dogsledding, and I’m particularly eager to experience it in Lapland.

I’m also going to do something corny that I’ve wanted to try for at least 20 years now. I booked myself into the weird and whacky Snow Hotel. Believe it or not, the Finns build this snow village every winter and actually carve out rooms and suites, a restaurant, an Ice Bar, slides and tons of ice sculptures. I’ll actually get to sleep on an ice bed, which is covered with specially insulated material so that people report it is actually toasty warm. Okay, forget the toasty part.

My guess is that I won’t get to sleep in it much, though, because my intention is to be out every night trying to photograph the Northern Lights, which are reported to be putting on quite a show this year.

In any event, you’ll be able to follow me again in real time on my travels. I’ll have my SPOT GPS with me and, as usual, I’ll blog from the frozen northlands. While I’m gone, please do me a favor. Stay warm!

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