Wildlife: My Newest E-Book!

My Newest E-Book Is Here!

I’m really excited to announce that the newest eBook in The Photographer’s Eye series is now available. Titled Wildlife, the eBook takes you behind the scenes as I explain the how, why and technical challenges I faced for ten selected images I have taken of wildlife over the years.

Following on the heels of my first two eBooks, Landscapes 1 & People, the newest addition describes in detail the process I went through to take images of wildlife that my editors and clients have loved. You’ll learn the dos and don’ts of great wildlife photography by following what I did right- and what went wrong- as I captured these images.

In Wildlife I’ve also intentionally broadened the definition of wildlife to include small, as well as large animals, and urban critters as well as those found in remote locales.

Each two-page spread includes an ultra high-quality 300dpi image and a page of background and explanation. Included with each image are the precise camera settings I used. Unlike other eBooks, all my eBook images are color managed for the absolutely highest quality possible.

As in all issues of my The Photographer’s Eye eBooks, Wildlife concludes with a section of detailed tips and suggestions. Titled “Photographing Wildlife: Ten Tips for Images With Impact,” you will get point-by-point recommendations for animal photographs that will add drama and punch to your images, recommendations that are gleaned from my forty years behind the camera.

Priced at just $4.99, each eBook can be kept on your iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, laptop or other electronic device, so it’s always handy.

Try one by clicking here and you’ll be taken to a descriptive page where you’ll be able to place your order. Once again, I warn you. These eBooks are addictive!

And by the way, I always welcome your comments and feedback.

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