A Typical Sri Lankan Town

I’ve been asked what a typical Sri Lankan town is like, so I’m including this short video taken as we drove through a modest one in the central region.

A typical village would be much smaller, with perhaps one or two tiny retail stores offering basic essentials. However, every town and village appears to be bursting at the seems with fresh vegetables and fruits, rice and other staples.

Note that many women walk with umbrellas in the scorching heat. Also note the multi-colored tuk-tuks in the video. Tuk-tuks are a primary form of transportation in poor towns and villages and in large cities with lots of traffic congestion. These highly maneuverable 3-wheeled vehicles can carry up to 5 or 6 passengers, although the usual is 1 or 2. The fares are generally very modest, but even so most Sri Lankans walk great distances to purchase basic items.

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