Off to Iceland

I leave tomorrow for a 16-day photo exploration of Iceland. I’ll be accompanied by my good friend and fellow professional photographer, the curmudgeonly Richard Hartmier, of Yukon Territory, Canada. We have a 4-wheel vehicle reserved, but not even one place to lodge. Our plan is to rent some sleeping bags, a propane stove for coffee in the morning, a cooler for some food, and just take off for wherever our cameras point.  If we end up in one place for a few days we’ll book into a hotel or B&B, but our mission is unadulterated photography. Sunrise photography, mid-day photography, sunset photography and star trails (and even, God willing, an errant aurora) photography at night.

Richard and I have together traveled the back, rutty roads up north of the Arctic Circle and hunted bears with our cameras in Alaska. Once, in the Yukon, we were even pestered by a grizzly while photographing. Richard, of course, ran for the safety of his vehicle, leaving me and my camera gear to fend for ourselves. I jumped into his truck shortly after, and scrambled across his lap to safety. I’ve forgiven Richard; that’s the kind of guy I am. Richard, on the other hand, calls me a liar, since his version of the story differs just a tad from mine. I accept Richard’s delusions and his character flaws, plus Iceland has very few bears (just an occasional misguided polar bear), so I agreed to travel with him, even against my better judgment.

Anyway, I look on this as an adventure. I will be using my SPOT Interactive GPS toy, so those of you who are interested can follow my tracks throughout the day or day to day. SPOT sends a signal to a satellite that relays them in real time to a computer. When you visit the site - beginning Saturday, May 5-  you’ll see a map of the region and a dot where I am and have recently been. If nothing else, it’ll be a fun geography lesson as we circle the island.

I’ll try to blog here and there when Internet connections permit. For now, Iceland Ho!

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