Hillsdale Meadow Aspens


I love Alberta, Canada and its awe inspiring National Parks. Both Jasper and Banff National Parks, as well as Kananaskis, are eye candy for the landscape photographer (and not too shabby for wildlife photographers either). I try to get to Alberta at least once every two years, to immerse myself in its beauty.

On this fall day, it had drizzled most of the morning and into afternoon, but when I arrived at Hillsdale Meadow it had just stopped. The good news was that the rain kept the crowds to a bare minimum, allowing me time to saunter through the meadow, finding the compositions I wanted.

As typically happens, it wasn’t until I was ready to leave that I noticed the touch of alpenglow on the peak just above the trees. I grabbed my tripod and ran to a spot I had photographed earlier. Over the next fifteen minutes I shot several frames and then the clouds moved in and it began to rain once again. But when I looked at my camera screen through my loupe, I knew I had captured the image I wanted.

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