Moraine Lake


Contrary to the myth about professional photographers, I really do not carry my camera around me with everywhere. In this case I was eating dinner with my wife and our granddaughter at the fine restaurant at the Moraine Lake lodge. The solarium-like dining room allowed us to take in the grandeur of the lake. Throughout the meal the setting sun kept tantalizing me. To my credit, I withstood its siren-song through appetizers, salad and nearly all my entree.

Then I started seeing this image forming. My understanding wife and granddaughter blessed my taking off before dessert. I ran to my room, grabbed my gear and bolted for the rock summit overlooking this pristine lake.

Moraine Lake is truly my favorite in the Canadian Rockies. The eleven peaks that surround it add a spiritual dimension that one can only appreciate when the crowds are gone in Fall. And, yes, the lake is truly this color when the sun shines on its pristine surface.

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