Pond Sunset


I am constantly struck by the moments of pure grace that present themselves to us if we are fortunate enough to be tuned in at that moment. Such was the case with the following image. I was with a group of fellow photographers and we had been out since 4:30 AM photographing a mountainscape sunrise (see Rampart Pond Sunrise Limited Edition print) in the spectacular Canadian Rockies.

We were heading back to our lodge, tired and hungry, not having eaten for about eight hours. Yet the late fall sunset called to us and so we stopped. The clouds rolled in frustrating our attempts to capture what had been a compelling scene. Everyone trudged through the snow back to the van. All but me, that is. I saw a tiny crack developing in the clouds over the mountain. I reset my tripod, crouched down next to the pond and snapped this swatch of sunset. In an instant it was gone. Even as I packed up my gear I knew I had been anointed. Providence happens.

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