Read My Novels! ... please.

One could make a strong case for my professional schizophrenia. On the one hand I am a professional landscape/nature photographer. But that’s only half of what I do. I’ve also written nonfiction extensively, for dozens of national magazines and newspapers over the years. Yet, one of my lifelong goals has been to write fiction.

So, play the fanfare. I’m excited to tell you all that this past week I published two of the historical fiction novels that I have been working on for the past several years. With the collapse of the tree-killing publishers over the past few years, my literary agent and I decided that the best approach right now is for me to publish these first two books as e-books and also make them available as paperbacks through Amazon.

The lead book in my First Dynasty Series is called The First Pharaoh. It tells the story of King Narmer, who united Upper and Lower Egypt under one rule and created an enduring civilization that lasted for 3,000 years. The book is told through the eyes of Anhotek, King Narmer’s vizier and shaman. We follow Narmer’s birth, his loves, the battles he fought to unite Egypt, and the intrigue surrounding his enemies within the Royal Court.

The sequel, The Dagger of Isis, tells what could arguably be called an even more amazing story; the rise to power of the very first female King, Narmer’s great-granddaughter. After the tragic death of her husband, Meryt-Neith overcomes the schemes of her cousin to lead the nation as regent for her son. The real-life Meryt-Neith ruled for 17 years, and my novel follows her rise to power, the wars she fought, as well as her struggles to maintain the fragile peace.

The third and final book in the series will be published in 2013. If I tell you what it is about I’ll have to send an undercover Apep priest to cast evil spells on you.

I do hope you’ll consider reading these novels. If you do, please give other readers your reaction on the Amazon site. I take my readers’ comments seriously and love to correspond and answer questions about my books. For background information about the books, how I came to write them, Frequently Asked Questions, and more, please visit my writing website:


Thanks in advance!


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