Photo Discussions Rock!

This morning my Maine photo workshop group that I teach for Nikonians woke up to torrential rains. So our morning field trip was cancelled and instead we had a wonderful 3-hour discussion session, covering lots of photographic concepts.

Personally, I love these jam sessions, with no preconceived agenda. Instead, having lived with each other for 36 hours already, shooting all around spectacular Mt. Desert Island, questions have arisen, new types of equipment seen, new techniques observed. So the morning was spent sharing with each other terrific photo tips and suggestions.

I particularly enjoy these sessions because I learn so much from these passionate, committed folks. Today I found out about some new software, and picked up a tripod tip, for example. Judging from the reaction of the participants, I think they appreciated the down down, the sharing, and the chance to pick up tips from a working pro.

Now I’m busily scarfing down some lunch because the rain is easing and we’re out to photograph an eye candy moss forest and then hike to a waterfall.


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