Time and Tide Wait For No Man

A great expression and one that sailors and those of us who live on the narrow margin of sea and land know well.

We returned to our home this morning and happily found that we were not flooded… yet. Roof tiles lay scattered on the ground, but the garage level was dry. And the house, which sits on pilings, is intact. Sighs of relief.

But it is now morning high tide as I write this. The back side of Hurricane Sandy is now churning the waters up our normally tranquil Chesapeake Bay, adding greatly to the tide’s height. The waters are lapping at the garage, but so far have not encroached. The biggest danger comes with tonight’s high tide. So we wait and keep watch.

This is a view directly across our tiny cove at two docks, or what used to be docks. Hard to say how they fared since they are both underwater. Time and tide will tell us at dawn tomorrow.


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