Lessons From the Red Fox

If you have been following my blog the past few days, you know I live at the water’s due and that we’ve been hunkered down for Sandy. We prepped for days, removing everything from our garage floor, stuffing towels in our sliding doors to soak up wind-driven rain and ¬†even evacuating for a night when flooding threatened.¬†Fortunately, we came through the storm with minimal damage and no flooding at all. But, as several of you have pointed out, that’s what it costs to live here.

And then this morning we awoke to a cloudy day, but no rain, and with low-lyig clouds clearly matching the bands of wind we saw on our weather radar screen. The geese sauntered back into our cove, people were out cleaning up from the storm damage, and by mid-afternoon we were treated to something special.


Not 100 yards from my deck a red fox was asleep on a slab of cement (from a previous storm), obviously enjoying the break in the weather. We’ve seen this beauty on and off over the past few years. I figure his den was washed out and he relished his lustrous coat drying out. He slept for about 30 minutes and then awoke with a start and was gone.

It was a lesson of sorts. True, every so often we get inconvenienced by storms, but most of the time there are the glorious blessings. The cycle of the seasons, birds migrating to and from, beaver searching for their winter supply of leafy treats, carp rooting in the muddy bottom to lay their eggs, even people frolicking on the water. We get wet, we dry out, on with life. My thanks to my red furry friend.

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