Goodbye Hawaii

Today is my last day in Hawaii. After time spent on Kauai and Maui, my gear is all packed and ready for the red-eye flight back to the cold and freezing rain of Maryland.

In terms of photography, I felt it was a mixed bag (see my previous blogs from Hawaii). I managed to have some really good days, with outstanding images, but other days were a struggle. There were the typical weather issues (I don’t mind rain, but rain mixed with blustery winds drives me nuts!). Then on my last few days my Hasselblad malfunctioned and I’m not sure what that is all about. I’ll get it looked at as soon as I get home. However, my Nikon D800 came through for me, as Nikon invariably does. In any case, no complaints here. As George Lepp once said, there can’t be a bad day for a nature photographer. I agree. 

So, here is my parting Hawaii image, taken with my wife’s iPhone. Until next time!


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