My New Gallery Site


I’d like to enlist your help with something. We recently revised our website to make it more functional for our visitors. Last week we added a “Gallery” function so that you will be able to see samples of my work in various categories.

I would truly appreciate it if you would visit the Gallery and give me some feedback on it how it functions for you. With today’s hectic schedules I know that is asking a lot of you, but if you can swing perhaps 10 minutes, I would be very grateful.

Some things to consider:

Do you like the way the Gallery categories scroll up and down?

Did you try to make the images full screen (button on lower right)? If so, how did that work for you (please let us know what computer you were using and whether it was PC/Mac)?

Do you like the way you can view thumbnails on the bottom of the pages by running your cursor over them?

Any other functions you like or dislike? Any you found difficult to navigate? Any suggestions for improvement?

Feel free to leave your comments right here at the end of this blog. Thanks in advance for your help.


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