Share Tip; Get Gift

Here is a novel idea! How about you sharing with my readers a photo tip and I will send you a valuable gift – FREE! – that I am confident you will cherish for a lifetime? Are you hooked?

I have ten copies of “Carmen Remembers,” one of the most magical CDs you will ever hear. The stories are told by one of my dearest friends, Barbara Higgins (Xwu’p’a’lich), one of the matriarchs of the Coastal Salish indigenous people of the Pacific coast of Canada. Barbara’s First Nation people live in Sechelt, west of Vancouver, in an area aptly named The Sunshine Coast.

At the insistence of many of her friends, Barbara cut a CD telling stories of her childhood, raised in the ways and wisdom of her ancestors. The fact that Barbara went on to become a respected educator and leader of her people speaks to her wisdom. But Barbara is also a master storyteller, weaving you into her tales, which you will see if you win one of these CDs. You will laugh, cry, and be amazed by Barbara. That I can guarantee.

Barbara is now writing a book of her remembrances. Check out her 2-minute teaser video:

So here are the rules: Send me an email ( with your favorite, indispensable photo technique, tip, jerry-rigged piece of equipment or whatever else you feel might be of help to the readers of this blog. It should include an image of the item or the technique in use, as well as a fully fleshed out explanation so that someone reading it will be able to understand and put the tip to work immediately. I especially welcome simple solutions to age-old problems we encounter in the field or studio.

I may get back to you with questions to clarify your meaning. By submitting, you agree that I may share your tip (or not) with my readers and may also publish the accompanying photo. I will give full credit to any and all tips chosen. I reserve the sole right to choose which ten entrees win. I will only mail the CDs for free to those mailing addresses in the continental US. If you live elsewhere, I will require you to pay upfront through PayPal the cost of postage to your location (with no markup or handling fees). The contest will last until I run out of all 10 CDs.

That should do it. Good luck and I can’t wait to hear your great tips!

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