A New Beginning

After many months of planning, arguing, and changing plans again and again, this week we finally began construction of our new photo studio at Les Picker Fine Art Photography.

The project is being spearheaded by my General Contractor, Terry Sexton, who also just happens to be a good friend, at least for now! Seriously, Terry has been an incredible help with the planning of the project from Day 1. He is so incredibly knowledgeable about every aspect of construction.

Our new and larger studio will give us the ability to lay out large format prints, coat them and hang them to dry. It will also give us an enlarged office, gallery space, plus a meeting/teaching area and considerably more storage.

Here the workmen have sawed through a thick cement foundation wall to create an entrance and windows.

Our office space will be here.

I’ll keep you posted as the construction progresses. We do hope to be in by year’s end.

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