How to Create a Multi Row Pano

My clients love wall murals and super-large prints with impact. Early on we learned that the only way to get large prints or wallpaper that covers an entire wall and looks wonderfully detailed, was to employ some advanced panorama creating techniques.

I put together a simple video (thanks to pre-trip tips from a colleague, videographer Tim Barker) while here on the Hawaiian island of Maui that I hope will give you some tips and sharpen your technique for taking high-quality, multi-row panos. I plan to do a follow-up video on how to nail down the nodal points (parallax points) for your lenses, as well as one on how to create simple, one-row panos. But, for now, enjoy the lovely Maui scenery as you watch this 17-minute video.

The lead blog image is a simple, two-row, 18-image pano that I took that day. I’ll post a four-row, 60-image pano once I get home and get a chance to process it, so check back here sometime in March for an update to this video.

Using the same technique, here is a 3-row, 27-image pano I took of a Banyan tree in Haleakala National Park, which I detailed in this recent blog post.

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome. Please let me know if this is helpful and if you’d like others.

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