Anna Runs America

While I was in New Mexico on a photo shoot with some good friends, we just happened to come across a large RV parked on the side of the road advertising “Anna Runs America.” Then, a few miles ahead we spotted a woman, holding an American flag and running along the roadside. That would be Anna, of course.

Anna Judd is a 29-year old woman from California, running across America to raise awareness and money for veterans’ causes. She is logging an astounding 40 miles a day to advocate for veterans. Along the way she meets with veterans to learn more about their experiences and needs in the post-military world.

Judd wasn’t always so patriotic. As a self-described hippie artist, she tended to look down on the military and servicemen and women. But when she decided to broaden her horizons with new friends, she realized the special attributes of service people, especially their dedication and discipline.

I met Anna on a major uphill leading to the lovely community of Cloudcroft, New Mexico. She stopped for a few minutes to chat and allow me to take her picture as she climbed from Alamagordo’s 4,400 feet above sea level to Cloudcroft’s 9,500 feet.

Along the way, Anna has learned more about America and as a result she feels far more patriotic than she did in past years. You could almost see her pride as cars driving by honked their horns or shouted their support.

If you are interested in supporting Anna’s run and her incredible effort on behalf of our service people, visit Anna Runs America.

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