Acadia National Park Workshop

It’s hard to believe that we are already halfway through summer! Since I’m less than halfway through my summer photography and writing goals, I’m feeling a bit anxious. I know, I know… patience, Grasshopper!

In any event, I am looking at my Fall photography workshop schedule and I’d like to plug my Acadia National Park event, slated for October 16-20. The rocky shore of Acadia should be in prime fall foliage then, so scenics should be drop-dead gorgeous.

Every year we have a marvelous four days traveling the back roads of Acadia. I lived an hour from Acadia for 10 years and did my graduate ecology research there, so I know the park intimately. My past workshoppers have enjoyed their experiences, as evidenced by their testimonials.

The workshop is offered through Nikonians, but you can use any camera during the experience. If you are looking for an exciting experience in one of America’s premier national parks, amidst the colorful fireworks of Maine’s incomparable fall foliage, waves crashing on the rocky coast, and forests filled with lush mosses and meandering streams, then check out this workshop. Enrollment is strictly limited to 10 people.

If you are even more adventurous, try my 11-day Sri Lanka workshop, from September 13-24. There are only two spots left, so hurry if you are interested.

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