Back in Sedona

One of the many things I enjoy about revisiting a place is when my eyes lock onto certain iconic scenes again, like reacquainting myself with old friends. I take a deep breath, nod my head and in those moments, all is well in the world. So it is with the red rocks of Sedona.

My first hike this morning was a bit of a bust, with the sun not cooperating. The skies were blue, but clouds cast the mountain I wanted to photograph in deep shade, muting the red rocks and reducing contrast. So we returned around 5:00 PM, stayed for two hours and managed to land some nice images. I’ll share a few of them in a future post, but now I’m tired and some iPhone snaps will have to do.

One final thought. I am waiting for iPhone 21s. It will be the only camera… I mean phone… I will carry. It will be able to zoom from extreme wide angle to tartar-on-the-teeth-of-an-eagle zoom. It will expose perfectly. It will pano, stack, stitch, HDR, studio light, tilt-shift, share, print, all the while curing baldness, rheumatism and arthritis. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. It’ll probably be ready in the iPhone 10s.

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