Fun in Sri Lanka

Many people, when they think of photography tours, imagine folks driven by itchy trigger fingers from sunrise to sunset, led by a crazed zealot who talks nonstop photography jargon. I’m here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. Okay, the crazed leader part is partially true… alright, it’s mostly true.

The fact is that photo tours are wonderful opportunities to advance one’s skills, while at the same time making friendships that far outlast any one trip.

But photo tours are also full of laughter, teasing, fun times and, yes, even quiet reflection. Here is a quick sampling of images taken by participants in our September Sri Lanka photo tour, an 11-day adventure packed with as many photo opps as one’s memory cards can capture.

The Sri Lanka tour was offered through the Nikonians Academy, where I am proud to serve on the faculty. We offer workshops throughout the world, in some of the most photographically interesting spots on Earth. Have a look and while you are at it, consider signing up and advancing your skills in a congenial and information-packed way.

BTW, our next Sri Lanka trip will take place in March, 2016.

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