Oh, To Be Back in Maine!

I arrived in Maine, the Pine Tree state, two days ago. I’m here preparing for my annual photography workshop in Acadia National Park, which begins in a few days. Despite the fact that I lived here for 10 years and know the park intimately, I like to arrive before each of these workshops to make sure everything runs smoothly for my attendees.

I was driving back to my motel late in the afternoon, when my eye caught the scene you see here. I pulled over, as did about a dozen other cars, to capture this scene. It reminds me, yet again, of why I love being here, especially at this time of year.

The image was shot with a Nikon D810, 24-70mm Nikkor lens @ 70mm, 1/30 sec @ f11 (-2/3 EV). I used a 3-stop graduated neutral density filter for the sky and tilted it a bit to deal with the bright colors in the trees on the left. I opened the shadows on the right side just a tad in post. I may end up cloning out the branch on the upper left when I get back to the studio.

In any event, this was the end of a good day and I’ll say thanks to the photo gods. Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain!

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