ScoopIt! Up

Frankly, I find it hard to keep up with all the social media that have proliferated in recent years. I do use Facebook and, to a lesser extent, Twitter. So I often rely on my assistant, Bob, for advice on what’s worth trying. Which brings me to Scoop It!

Scoop It !

Bob introduced me to ScoopIt! a few weeks ago. Since then I’ve been trying to wrap my hands around it and understand what it does, how my followers can benefit, and if it really can make enough of a difference to warrant using it… yet another social media thing to worry about. Yucch!

However, after playing with it for a couple of weeks now, strange thing is, I kinda like it. Basically what it does is serve as a curation tool. By that I mean that as I research things on The Web for my use, I can flag interesting subject matter that I think others might find useful or enjoy, and pass that on to them.

Let’s face it, none of us can know everything in our interest areas that exists on The Web. So, what if I can find someone who shares my same interest areas and can piggyback my efforts onto theirs? Great, right? And that is what ScoopIt! does.

The beauty of ScoopIt! is that I can pick and choose those people. If they send out too much extraneous garbage, I just stop following them. Plus, if I like what they send me, I can share that with those folks who are following me! It’s instant curation of subjects I like and want.

So, here’s my invitation; why not follow me on ScoopIt!? I promise to scoop only on photography topics that I think are interesting, useful, bizarre, challenging or just plain different. I warn you that I am not an avid user of any type of social media, so expect dry periods when I do not post for a while. I may be on the road or haven’t found anything I’d want to bother someone with. And, as always, I will look for your comments on anything I post.

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