Travel Photography Presentation at B&H

Travel photography is an area of growing interest among photographers. Whether from novices or accomplished amateurs, over the past ten years I have been asked more questions about travel photography than any other topic. Steady sales of my Travel Photography e-book are just one indication of that interest.

I also have a multi-media presentation on the topic of travel photography that I have given to many groups over the past few years. I was honored to receive an invitation from B & H Photo in The Big Apple to deliver a travel photography presentation to an eager audience in their lecture hall. B&H recorded the presentation and it is now available online, free to anyone who wants to see it. So, if you have a spare hour,grab a cup of coffee, sit back and watch some of the tips and techniques that I present, gleaned from traveling the world, leading photo tours, and teaching travel photography workshops.

Just before my presentation, I had the jitters thinking of all the great photographers who have lectured at B&H, including Moose Peterson, Steve Simon, Steve Winter and many others. I think it’s a terrific educational service that B&H offers, at great expense no doubt, to help all of us in the photographic community. No matter what your photographic interest, B&H offers free videos from some of the leading photographers out there today.

Here is the link to the presentation. I do hope you enjoy it and get some useful tips from it. Please leave a comment here to let me know if you found it helpful or to leave a suggestion for its improvement.

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