Allow Us to Brag

Please allow us to brag a bit. Architect Magazine recently published coverage of Sinai Hospital’s Traumatic Brain Injury Unit (Baltimore, Maryland), for which we were selected as exclusive artists. This state-of-the-art facility was designed and built by one of the country’s premier architectural design-build companies, Hord, Coplan and Macht (HCM). We are proud and honored to have partnered with Sinai and HCM in the interior design of this unit.

More than 60 of our images, from traditional framed prints to Face-mounted Plexiglas, and specialty wallpapers, were carefully chosen to help Sinai patients in their recovery. In addition, we did custom on-location photo shoots to help patients in their rehabilitation, including this grocery-0store mock-up that gives traumatic brain injured patients an opportunity to re-learn and practice daily life tasks.

For grocery store practice

It’s hard to describe the satisfaction we got from this work, knowing that it has helped and will continue to help patients on their road to recovery. This video explains just how much the professional staff appreciate our artistic endeavors. The video inlcudes another installation we did at the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.

Hospital Installations from Lester Picker on Vimeo.

As we always do, we delivered final, ready-to-hang images and supervised the entire installation over several days. Yes, we are proud of our work, but even prouder that our art is helping dedicated professionals heal their patients.

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