Shooting Florals

Image by Vickie Lewis

I love looking at some floral images, although I admit I do not particularly enjoy taking them. Oh, I’ve taken a few nice ones over the years (actually, decades would be more accurate). But I’ve never managed to become proficient with it.

Just today I received an email from Vickie Lewis, a National Geographic Creative photographer whose work I both respect and admire. Vickie has managed to take stunning portraits of some of the most interesting people in the world.

She has just published a how-to article on Floral Photography for anyone who aspires to improve their skills in this area. With just the use of a white piece of cardboard and a flashlight, Vickie has achieved some beautiful florals, as you can see from the lead image.

Have a go at it. I know I will, thanks to Vickie’s motivating me.

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