Why Not Join Us in Acadia?

It is every photographer’s dream environment. Photographic Valhalla. Of course I am referring to Maine’s Acadia National Park under the tapestry of Fall foliage.

Of all the places I have photographed around the world, Acadia is arguably the densest for photographic opportunities in the Fall. Crimson, gold and green leaves against birch and evergreen trunks, waves crashing against the rocky shore, crimson sunsets, forests, streams, lakes, mountains, meadows, rugged lobstermen in their colorful boats, lighthouses, and lobster dinners whenever the mood strikes. What photographer could ask for more? Alright, there’s excellent, locally brewed beer, too!

I have two spots left for my Acadia National Park 5-day workshop, from Monday, October 10 through Friday, October 14. Having lived in Maine for ten years and done my graduate work in Acadia, I think I can safely say that I know the park about as well as anyone.

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So, come join us for a photo trip filled with endless possibilities. To register and for more information.

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