BenQ SW320, A Review

NOTE: This comprehensive review of the Ben Q monitor was written by my assistant Robert Boyer, who has a great deal of expertise on monitor performance and color management.


The BenQ SW320 is big, really big. At 31.5” the monitor is substantially bigger than a 27” unit. I’m sure there are applications where someone might need two or more of these monitors but I found myself ultimately satisfied with the real estate provided by one. It’s so wide that when I was testing a dual monitor setup with another 27” on my desktop I found it counter-productive for typical computer and even photographic work. The only scenario I see using two displays for my use is possibly if I was using a tethered capture session with clients where I might use a smaller screen to control the camera, organize, and orchestrate what shows up on the BenQ SW320 that the client(s) were watching.

Framing Your Fine Art Prints

If you you are a photographer who loves prints, you probably have a love-hate relationship with framing your images. If you outsource your framing needs, then you probably have a side job to finance those exorbitant costs. If you frame your prints yourself, you know how time consuming that chore is. Well, I’m about to offer some help!

Sunset Joys

The Last Catch

I’ve been coming to Maui (and Kauai) for many years now and there is one thing I can say for sure. I will never tire of Hawaii sunsets (and sunrises, too). In storms or great weather, sunsets on the Hawaiian islands are something to behold.

Shooting Down on Wildlife

Telephoto lenses are the domain of wildlife photographers. We never seem to get close enough to wildlife. We want to record them large enough to fill the frame. Moving closer, as long as you are safe, usually gives better results. However, regardless of whether you are close or far, one thing is for sure. Try not to shoot downward toward wildlife (dogs and cats, sure, but not majestic wildlife).

The Mythical Green Flash

For decades now, whenever my travels have taken me on an ocean voyage, people have told me about the proverbial “green flash” that is supposed to happen when the last sliver of the3 sun’s disk is about to sink into the ocean horizon. “Yeah, right”, was my reaction. I figured this was nothing but fake news.

Photography Improvement Tips

I was asked to speak to the delightful Harford County, Maryland, Photography Club (led by visionary Steve Sattler) at the end of last year. Specifically, they asked me to address the issue of the journey one should be on to be a better photographer. Believe me, I thought deeply about this talk, as it is a topic that is dear to my heart as a photography educator. Here is what I came up with, but it’s obviously the opinion of only one photographer. Feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments/discussion section.

Review of Canon Image Prograf 1000 Printer

Internet image

When we first installed our twin Canon ProGraf 1000 printers 18 months ago, I promised to keep readers posted on how they did. Since that time we have put them through a half-dozen fine art printing workshops, countless individual client prints and many tests that we constantly do with our wonderful sponsor, Moab Fine Art Papers (a division of Legion Paper).

Help Save Our National Monuments

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you probably know that I have a firm rule to never, ever mix politics with photography. You also know that “every rule has an exception,” and this will be it!

FLM Travel Tripod Review

What photographer doesn’t need a travel tripod? There are times when lugging an 11-pound monster tripod just doesn’t cut it, as in touring the crowded streets of Rome or photographing a spelunking trip or trekking for two weeks in Nepal. But the field of travel tripods today is so vast, how does one choose?

Editing One’s Work

I was once asked by an interviewer what I thought the most difficult job in photography is. I have to admit that the question stumped me. Getting up for sunrise entered my mind. Hiking for three days with a 30-pound photo backpack to get a single shot? Telling one’s spouse that you are about to spend $30,000 on a new Hasselblad digital camera system?