A Yukon Weather Phenomenon

There is an unusual weather phenomenon that happens in the far north of Yukon Territory, near its border with Northwest Territories. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience it several times and during last year’s Yukon Photo Adventure my clients also marveled at it.

Photographing People of Different Races

Several years ago - more like several decades ago - I was photographing a piece for National Geographic WORLD magazine. The article was about edible wild plants and how kids loved to learn about them and even cook using them in the ingredients.

In those days, society was only in the beginning stages of including a mix of racial and ethnic groups in magazine stories, but I suggested to my phenomenally wonderful editor that I shoot a scene with both white and black children, a suggestion she eagerly embraced. The fact is I was strictly a landscape photographer back then and had no idea of the trouble I was getting into.

So, on a nice Fall day, I assembled a group of kids, parents in tow, to shoot the scenes in a wooded area in Delaware. The shoot was uneventful and the kids, parents and I had a fun time with it. Since I knew this would be a test shoot (thankfully), I sent my film to a lab rather than dropping them off at Nat Geo for processing. Good thing.

When the film came back, I was shocked. When I exposed for the white kids, the faces of the black kids went totally dark and lost all detail. When I exposed for the black kids, the faces of the white kids were entirely blown out and featureless. Lessons learned. Fortunately, I was able to reschedule the shoot, gave the parents reflectors and diffusers to cope with the discrepancy and we laughed our way through the entire shoot. That experience also taught me to respect environmental portraitists.

The reason I mention this is that in preparing for an upcoming workshop I came across a funny, but also poignant article on this phenomenon written by journalist Dodai Stewart, who happens to be African-American.

If you are interested in the history of photography, of Kodak’s development of new films, and especially the issues involved in filming black and white subjects together, you should take in this short and very readable piece.


Maui Sunsets

It is said that the sunsets on Maui are the most spectacular in the world. Whether that is a fact or an alternate fact I can’t say, but I can tell you that Maui sunsets are gorgeous.

Giclée! Giclée???

Our print on a Canon Pro-1000

Okay, everyone, close your books, put down your pencils and pay attention. In a moment I will either dispel a myth or educate you, take your pick. But for now, just listen up. Please stop calling photographic art prints “Giclée prints”! Got it?

Breaching Whales

Humpback breaching

One of the reasons I love Maui in February is the return of the humpback whales to their mating and birthing grounds. It is such a celebratory time, as boatloads of tourists revel in the spectacle of thousands of whales frolicking, singing, taking care of their babies and… breaching.

To Profile or Not; That is the Question!

As a Moab Master photographer I’m often asked whether we create our own ICC profiles for our studio prints. After all, we do charge a premium for our work, so one might assume that we go through the intense machinations needed to create our own profiles, right?

The Joys of Fine Art Printing - Part Two

A few months ago I blogged about the joys of fine art printing, using as an example the panoramic print that Kevin Duncan created during one of our print workshops. I wanted to follow up whenever Kevin got it framed and displayed.

An Interview With Dr. Lew Rothman

Rothman in front of his exhibit

One of the pleasures of being a photography workshop leader is seeing your clients excel. A few years ago, Dr. Lew Rothman, a retired physician, took my Acadia National Park workshop and I was immediately impressed by his work and his very considered and mindful approach to photography. We have kept in touch ever since. So, it was no surprise to hear that Lew’s work is now on exhibit in the New York area.

Troubleshooting Printer Issues

Last week we had a major printer glitch in our studio and I figure it was instructive enough for a blog. Since we teach fine art printing workshops regularly, we get a good share of questions from the alumni of our workshops and from online printmakers. But this case even stumped us for a while.

Please, Listen Up!

If you plan on reading on, you’ll have to excuse what will probably be a picture-less rant. I’m here to say that one of the very best ways to improve your photography, to move it from good to WOW!, is not with your eyes, but with your ears!