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Black & White Workshop

Black & White Workshop

Half Naughty and half nice.

Immerse yourself into the world of black and white photography. What makes a great black and white photograph? In this seven-hour workshop we will take a look at some styles of the masters past and current, and give you tips on looking at the world a little differently when you’re out with your camera.

The emphasis in this hands-on learning experience will be on taking a deep dive into processing your black and white photographs using Lightroom. We’ll cover creative and artistic decisions and how to translate those into great black and white photographs drawing from the tools available in Lightroom. You will receive lots of one-on-one attention with your own images. You’ll learn how to translate the topics we present and apply them directly to your own work.

As a relative newcomer to Lightroom – and being completely self-taught – I found the workshop with Les and Bob to be invaluable. Many of their tips and advice were bits of information that confirmed the path I was already going down; but they also helped me refine those steps, order them better, use them judiciously, and explore new ones. I feel so much more comfortable with the “convert-to-B&W process,” and I am also applying the knowledge to my color post-processing.I found the most valuable aspects of the workshop was the hands-on, in-person training.Mary Braman, MD, 2017


  • What scenes make great black and white photographs
  • Global vs. local adjustments
  • A practical as well as technical look at the Lightroom “basic” panel and how much it’s changed in the - last few years. More importantly how you might take better advantage of how differently it works now - as compared to other RAW processors
  • Point curves vs. parameterized curves vs. exposure/contrast/shadows/highlights/whites/blacks
  • Translating color to monochrome and how to best use the color mix controls
  • Tips and tricks for achieving modern and vintage looks

No matter if you are a life-long black and white enthusiast or are just starting to test the waters of this classic medium, this workshop will up your game. We’ll be covering the entire Lightroom develop module in ways that will give you a new outlook on how it can be most effectively used not only for black and white but will give you a fresh perspective on post-processing your color images as well.

What you’ll need to bring:

  • A laptop with Lightroom installed.
  • A good selection/diversity of RAW images.
  • A very basic knowledge of Lightroom.
  • Lunch

What We Provide

  • Water, coffee, tea, snacks
  • Hands-on instruction by Les Picker and Bob Boyer

Saturday, Jul 17, 2021 08:30
This hands-on learning experience will take a deep dive into processing your black & white photographs using Lightroom.