Master Workshop: Mounting Prints on Gatorboard

Master Workshop: Mounting Prints on Gatorboard

Overview: In this workshop participants will learn how to properly mount their prints on Gatorboard, an excellent and relatively inexpensive medium for gallery shows, home decor and other uses. It maintains its rigidity and will not warp, offering a flexible and attractive alternative to traditional means of displaying prints. And, Gatorboard Mounted prints can be used for traditionally framed prints behind glass or Plexiglas.

Workshop Leader: Les Picker is a Moab Master and an international award-winning photographer. In his studio he prints all his work and creates his own displays.

Details: The workshop will begin at 9:00 AM and end at 2:00 PM and is limited to 5 people. Coffee, tea, water and snacks will be provided. Attendees must bring their own lunches. Refrigerator and microwave are available.

Once registered, each participant will send us three images that s/he wishes to have printed and used in the workshop. Details on how to submit the images will be provided upon receiving your registration. We will then print the images on Moab Fine Art papers using our large format professional printers prior to attendees arriving.

At the workshop, Les will explain the measuring, cutting and mounting processes in detail and will demonstrate them on one his own prints. Participants will receive all consumable materials to create their own mounted prints ready for hanging which they will take home. All materials are included in the cost of the workshop (Gatorboard, prints, etc). All tools will be provided for use by participants during the workshop. The remainder of the day will be spent supervising the construction of the mounted prints. A liability release is required due to the fact that attendees will be working with cutting tools.

In terms immediate value, the mounted prints you will take home are worth more than the cost of the workshop if purchased from a framing shop. In terms of added value, over the course of the first year participants can expect to save at least twice the cost of the workshop fee when mounting their own prints versus having them done at a framing shop.

The Gatorboard workshop is one in a series of print display workshops. The series consists of Gatorboard displays, traditional framing under glass, and open frame displays. Additional workshops will be added as new print display techniques are developed.

What you’ll need to bring:

  • Lunch

What We Provide

  • Water, coffee, tea, snacks
  • All materials
  • Prints of your images on Moab fine art paper
  • Hands-on instruction by Les Picker

Saturday, Jul 27, 2019 09:00
In this workshop participants will learn how to properly mount their prints on Gatorboard.